CeTaQ Showcases Latest Capability Measurement Tools


CeTaQ would like to invite APEX attendees to Booth # 2514

CeTaQ invites San Diego attendees to IPC APEX Booth # 2514! Our support staff will be ready to discuss your SMT manufacturing defect issues and talk real measurement solutions. Data driven decisions help make solving defect problems less aggravating. On-hand for the show will be equipment and software that are used during on-site mobile capability measurements to validate specifications in the following SMT process steps:

  • Printing: Accuracy measurements using CmController tool and CmPrint tool for squeegee force validation.
  • SPI: Solder Paste Inspection validation using CeTaQ's MPL30 3D glass artifact.
  • Dispensing: CmController tool for accuracy measurement of dispensing process.
  • Placement: CmController tool for verifying accuracy and repeatability of chip and QFP placements, as well, CmForce with FMB04 to check placement forces during placement process.
  • Reflow: See our reflow tool used to check soak time, reflow time and peak temperature for process repeatability validation.
  • AOI: Validate gauge performance with CeTaQ's MPL02 glass board.

Have other processes you need to measure or validate, come by and let's have a chat; it's likely we've done it or can recommend what's next.


Contact Michael Sivigny directly at 603-566-2141 or msivigny@cetaq-americas.com