CmController 9: State-of-the-Art measuring system for machine capabilities on SMT equipment

The new CmController 9 is available

Our latest State-of-the-Art Measurement system

The latest member of the CeTaQ CmController family, the CmC 9, combines measurement speed with precision. Its optimized operating concept allows fast, easy and accurate capability studies of SMT equipment. Benefit from its capabilities and improve the manufacturing quality of your SMT production.

With the CmController Software CmCStat6.0 you can plan, analyze and archive your investigations of:

  • SMT placement
  • SMT screen printer
  • SMT dispensers
  • SMT laser labeling systems
  • SMT routers

With the Expert Level you have extended possibilities such as the simultaneous examination of several systems in one line as a quick test, e.g. after maintenance. A further feature for increasing the test scope while reducing the test time is the optimized algorithms when using cluster layouts.

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