Testing services of CeTaQ GmbH

CeTaQ Service

In the frame of our testing services, we offer you machine capability analysis for different quality characteristics on diverse equipment.

Determination of placement accuracy in x, y and theta

This scope is certified within the DIN ISO 17025 and the register number D-PL-20318-01-00 accredited by DAKKS. We offer the analysis of the following equipment :

For the placement accuracy analysis we are using our CmController 6 Compact or CmController 9.

Determination of Placement and Squeegee forces

We offer the analysis of the following equipement :

For the determination of the forces, we use our measurement system CmForce and CmPrint.

Other equipment

  • Determination of machine accuracy for 2D-AOI.
  • Determination of measurement accuracy for 3D-SPI equipment.
  • Temperature Profile Stability and Reproducibility for Reflow ovens.